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Un esercizio di design

Ron Gilad, Dining e coffee table

Designer nato a Tel Aviv nel 1972 e con studio a New York gioca con il concetto di design e di memoria.

Così Dining table e Coffee table ricordano cortine edilizie (c’è addirittura una porta !). Non importa se il piano è trasparente oppure opaco, quel che conta è l’evocazione.


95 W X 40 D X 29 H INCHES

Esposto tra oggetti della mostra Spaces Etc. viene così descritto dal curatore Wright.

“Spaces” are those works that deal most directly with architecture. A series of coffee tables, for example,resemble line drawings of houses in three dimensions. Based on plans found online, each is made from a brass frame painted black. Some outline an entire house whileothers are only segments of spaces with openingsmarking the placement of doors. All are fitted with a pane of glass or supple leather upholstery that functions as the tabletop. An altogether different example, but along the same theme, is a table made from wood painted white, whose outline traces that of a building. Like a Rachel Whiteread sculpture, the volume is the ghost of an architectural space, outfitted with a silver-plated door with columns and pediments to match. Unlike Whiteread’s artworks, however, coffee cups are meant to be placed on top of Gilad’s editions.
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